Training courses

The more possibilities we have in one software, the more complex it gets. But the good news is that by thoroughly understanding the system, this inevitable complexity is very manageable!

We currently offer live classroom training, and we find there are 2 major benefits to this format:

  1.  Before the training, we can get to know the specifics about your company, meaning we can then tailor the training with examples that are most relevant to you for maximum benefit.
  2. During training, we can adjust the tempo according to the needs of the attendees. We can also answer attendee questions, or even digress to explain some of the interesting things that come up along the way.

We have the knowledge and experience to help the users at your company get the best from Tekla Structures.

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Tekla Steel Modeling

Basic Steel Modeling

Everything a steel modeler/detailer needs to know about modeling elements and connections. Attendees will learn how to do this both with components and manually.

Tekla Concrete Modeling

Basic Concrete Modeling

Everything a precast- or cast in place concrete modeler/detailer needs to know about modeling elements, connections, adding embeds and reinforcement. Attendees will learn how to do this both with components and manually.

Tekla Managers

Viewing and using the model

This course is intended for Tekla BIM information users as opposed to modelers. We will show you how your managers can use Tekla or other IFC models to complete their daily tasks. Besides Tekla Structures, we can demonstrate how to use other viewer tools, such as Tekla BIMsight.

Tekla Drawing

Basic Drawings

This course includes everything that a basic Tekla user has to know about drawings. How to create them based on company templates, modify according to needs and give out as PDFs or DWGs.

Tekla Template Editor

Template Editor

This course is aimed at BIM managers with advanced Tekla skills who want to learn how to create new or modify existing drawing and report templates.

Tekla Custom Components

Custom Components & Macros

In this course we’ll show how you can make modeling faster, easier and more efficient. You will learn how to create different custom components and macros.


Company Environment

This course is aimed at companies that have had their Tekla Company Environment created with our help. In it, we will explain how everything has been designed to work, and how to make modifications as required.


We’re currently developing online training materials which will be available to anyone, anywhere. This option will most likely be cheaper than face to face training. The best thing about online training is that each person can complete them at their own pace.


The investment for a whole day of face to face training at your office is 1,000€ + VAT.

This price is irrespective of the number of participants, but we strongly recommend limiting attendance to a maximum of 10 people. This is to ensure there is enough time to answer everyone’s questions and to allow for complete progress based on the slowest participants.