Privacy, liability terms and conditions

By using the website, you confirm that you have understood the terms and conditions described here and accept them fully. TSGuide OÜ shall retain the right to change the terms and conditions unilaterally, as required.

These privacy terms and conditions give you information on how we collect and use your personal details when you use the TSGuide OÜ website, including any information that you give to us when you purchase a product, subscribe to the newsletter or a product (including an e-book).

By forwarding your information to us you also confirm that you are more than 13 years old.

Contact details:
Address: Sõle 46-18, Tallinn
Phone: +372 56983307

Website – the website used by TSGuide OÜ, located at

User – all persons who visit the Website, consume the information shared by us or forward us their own
information. For instance, reading articles, ordering products, leaving comments, or contacting us via e-

Personal Data – all details about the User.

Processing of Personal Data – any action with the User’s Personal Data by either TSGuide OÜ or an
Authorized Processor. For example, gathering, processing, storing, amending, or deleting data.

Services – all free and paid products or services provided by TSGuide OÜ.

Authorized Processor – contractual partner of TSGuide OÜ who processes Personal Data and thanks to
whose product or service we can provide our Services to the User and comply with legal requirements.

The Website is owned by TSGuide OÜ. Unless stated otherwise, the copyright for all the content on the
Website is owned by TSGuide OÜ. This means that using the contents in any format (including partially)
is only allowed with permission from TSGuide OÜ. When permission has been given, each content copy
must include a link referring to this Website.

Collecting Personal Data
Personal Data refers to any information, based on which a person can be identified. This does not
include anonymous data.

TSGuide OÜ collects Personal Data about the User in the following ways:

1. The User forwards their data by filling in forms online or contacting us over the phone or via e-mail,

  • ordering our products or services
  • creating a user account for the e-store
  • subscribing to the mailing list
  • submitting an information request
  • participating in draws
  • giving us feedback
  • paying for e-products with a bank transfer

2. Automatically with the help of technology – we may collect technical information on the devices you
use as well as the reading and usage patterns of the Website. We collect this information by using
cookies, server logs and other technologies (e.g. Google Analytics statistics). See our Cookie policy

We could collect certain personal data about you:

  • identity – first name, last name, username
  • contact details – e-mail, address
  • transaction details – which products you have purchased
  • technical data – e.g. IP address
  • profile details – username and password in the e-store environment, your purchases as well as
    your interests, preferences, feedback, survey responses
  • usage information – how you use our Website, products, and services (e.g. Website visiting
    statistics from Google Analytics)
  • marketing information – your preferences about receiving marketing information from us.

We do not collect different types (sensitive) of personal data about you, e.g. health information,
religious and political beliefs, etc.

Processing Personal Data
We only use your Personal Data in the manner and to the extent permitted by law. The main usage goals

  • when performing the contract between us (e.g. sending invoices, reminding of unpaid invoices,
    sending ordered e-products, giving access to an ordered online product)
  • in the case of our legitimate interest (e.g. we introduce the User to an e-product or article that is
    similar to their interests, use the Website’s usage statistics to improve the user experience, ask
    for feedback, etc.)
  • if we need to meet the requirements arising from law (e.g. liabilities established in the Accounting Act or if required by the authorities or auditors. We could also disclose Personal Data if we consider a particular person’s activity incompatible with our published regulation or principles or if we need to protect the rights, assets, safety of TSGuide OÜ and others and to prevent fraud and maliciousness.)

We shall ask for your direct confirmation to send marketing information. You have the right to withdraw from receiving our marketing information by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link in our e-mail or by sending an e-mail to:

Sending Personal Data to Authorised Processors
In its daily activities, for the better provision of Services, for the improvement of user experience and for ensuring safety, TSGuide OÜ uses the services of Authorised Processors or third parties.

TSGuide OÜ uses Authorised Processors and third parties that fall into the following categories: service providers who used IT and system management related services (e.g. server service, data cloud hosting, e-mail management, payment service platforms, etc.), advisors, including lawyers, bankers, accountants, the Tax Board and other regulatory authorities who require the reporting of certain transactions.

We require all third parties to comply with the data protection requirements and the law. We only allow third parties to process your Personal Data for very specific purposes and according to our orders.

Storing Personal Data
Personal Data shall be stored until it is necessary to fulfil the goal, stipulated by law, or required to protect the rights of TSGuide OÜ. For instance, accounting data shall be stored for 7 years from the end of the financial year, an e-mail address in the mailing list shall be stored until the User expresses their wish to remove it or TSGuide OÜ removes it themselves earlier.

To ensure a better user experience, usage statistics, safety, and the better quality of Services as well as more efficient marketing activities, TSGuide OÜ uses, either directly or via third parties, Cookies, i.e. small text files that are saved to the User’s computer or mobile device if a User has allowed this in their web browser settings. Most websites do this. For instance, Cookies are required for user login, providing social media functions, and analysing the Website’s usage statistics. Cookies help us to: remember the Visitor’s country and language preferences; provide interest-based information; understand our target group and traffic patterns; allow automatic logging in to these parts of the Website that require you to be a member. We use Cookies based on a legitimate interest to ensure that the Website’s functions work as required. In the case of cookies for other purposes, we take into account the User’s consent on the Website.

The User may restrict cookie usage in their web browser’s settings or delete them but in such a case TSGuide OÜ cannot ensure that the Website works properly.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
GDPR entered into force on 25 May 2018 with the goal to protect the personal data of European Union (EU) citizens.

All citizens of the European Economic Area – EEA who visit the TSGuide OÜ Website have certain rights pertaining to their personal data. We answer all wishes and requests that come from persons who want to use their respective rights. You can contact us via

Rights, depending on the country of residence:

Request to access, correct, refresh or delete personal data from the database.

If a person wants their data to be deleted from the database, they shall lose access to all of our programs that they were previously actively associated with.

All members of the TSGuide OÜ mailing list have the right to withdraw from marketing communications from our side at any time. To do so, click on the link “Unsubscribe from the list” at the bottom of the newsletter. In addition, you can update your preferences linked to the list by replying to any newsletter sent by us or by sending a separate e-mail to

Even if we have received your personal data with your earlier consent and processed them, you can withdraw the consent at any time. This does not influence the legitimacy of the data usage before the withdrawal nor future data usage if TSGuide OÜ is legally bound to do so.

To submit a complaint and receive more information on data usage, you should contact your local data protection organisation or a relevant specialist.

Mailing list
You shall receive marketing information from us via e-mail if you have

  • purchased our products or services
  • subscribed to the newsletter and expressed your wish to receive our marketing information and you have not expressed the wish to withdraw from the marketing information in both cases.

When you subscribe to our mailing list we also receive other information that you forward to us – your e-mail and name. Moreover, we offer the mailing list members the option to determine their interests or give notification if information about a particular topic or venture does not interest you.

In addition to the information mentioned above that you send to use, we also collect information about the e-mails sent to you via the mailing service provider. This, for instance, allows us to make sure that we do not send you the same e-mail multiple times and prevents sending e-mails about ventures that
you were not interested in. In addition to not subscribing to certain topics, you can always leave the mailing list for good if you wish to do so. The unsubscribe link is at the bottom of each e-mail that we send via the mailing system. Leaving the mailing list is automatic and only requires one click of a mouse.

Social media (e.g. Facebook or LinkedIn)
In addition to sending you e-mail, we could sometimes use your e-mail address to better target the information campaigns about our activities to people who are in our target group. This means that if you use the same e-mail address in social media, the social media platform may use it to display you information that interests you and other people with similar interests who have not yet even heard of us. We shall not find out if and to whom social media actually displayed our messages. This functionality can be changed under your social media’s privacy settings or turned off completely.

As TSGuide OÜ has its own social media page and we also advertise on the social media channel, we (not the social media channel) could collect the posts and personal data of the user(s) and use this information similarly to the way we use other Personal Details described in this Privacy Policy. By sharing their information, people agree that TSGuide OÜ collects, stores, and uses their data.

Any information collected by us via social media adverts is only shared with our partners (service providers). We shall be held liable for our partners ensuring the safety and confidentiality of all information acquired from social media adverts.

Data acquired via social media adverts shall not be used for any other purpose than to collectively and anonymously assess the performance and efficiency of our advertising campaigns. Our goal is not to identify a particular person, web browser or device by using the data. Information received from adverts and campaigns, and not even anonymous summarised information, shall not be sent to the networks of other ad builders nor to any other service providers with an advertising or commercial goal.