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Main task
Create quickly and easily recesses to hollow core panel sides (with connecting rebars and filling concrete).

Hollow Core panels need to be connected to CIP floor and this is the tool to help you create these connections. You can modify:
a) Hollow Core panel recesses size and dividing method
b) Bent rebar quantity, dimensions, and properties
c) Straight rebar size, location, and properties
d) CIP filling in Hollow Core recesses properties

TIP! Use custom component presaved settings for different Hollow Core profiles to get the correct size of recesses and rebars.

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Package includes
✔ HollowCore side recesses.uel custom component

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How to use
1. Purchase the tool
2. The download link will be sent to your email
3. Import the uel custom component to your (template) models under your custom components folder
4. Let the component do its magic 🙂

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