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Orientation mark


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Main task:
Create in model zero weight orientation- or Top in Form Face mark to cast unit- or assembly elements.

Various elements, such as pad footings, columns, beams, walls, and the like need to be shown on the drawing often with orientation or top-in-form direction. The easiest way to do this is to create a dummy object in model, and then show or hide them in the drawing views. This way, you can control the marks and be sure that they are on the same side, both on General Arrangement drawings, and on shop drawings. This component allows you to create a long mark to show on section views, and a small mark to show on all other views.

Included in this package:
Orientation Mark.uel custom component
Orientation Mark Thumbnail.jpg
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How to set up the package:
1. Purchase the custom component.
2. Download the package using the link that will be emailed to you immediately after your purchase.
3. Import the Orientation Mark.uel custom component to your (template) model.
4. Let the component do its magic!

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