What are people saying about us?

Harro Hoog's feedback on his use of TSGuide courses
Harro HoogCivil construction designer
DMT insenerid OÜ

"This Template Editor training was impressive and added new knowledge to even skilled Template Editor worrior. I gained knowledge how to create and edit Tekla templates better and more systematically. I liked the structure of the training, where we started with simpler topics and step by step went to more complicated topics. I enjoyed how you showed in parallel your real life examples and gave useful tips. Especially interesting were the last topics. I will try to investigate them further and find out where can I use them in our company. Thank you for practical and comprehensive training!"

Erki Vellama's feedback on his use of TSGuide courses
Erki VellamaConstruction designer
Mapri Ehitus OÜ

"As an experienced Tekla user, I was able to look back at how I have been working with Tekla so far and how I can do things better in the future. I gained a lot of new knowledge that I can immediately use in my work."

Feedback on his use of TSGuide courses
Heinar VaineProject manager
Proland Ehitus OÜ

"This training provides a clear overview of Tekla software and after that you will definitely increase your working efficiency and speed.
A beginner will get a good starting position for the future and skilled person will learn how to work even more efficiently.
In any case, the trainer is a professional in this field and will definitely take you to the right level.

Vadim Tervo
Vadim Tervo Senior Structural Engineer
Projektobüroo OÜ

"Our local Tekla Structures seller recommended using TSGuide to help with implementing Tekla in our company, and setting up automations. I can assure anyone that they have great skills and experience. This investment pays for itself in no time, because now Tekla automations do a big part of work for us, and we spend on completing drawings less than half of the time we spent before."

Laura Huik
Laura HuikStructural Engineer
Nordecon AS

"I definitely obtained the necessary basic knowledge and confidence to get started with Tekla Structures. The first obstacles have been overcome and I have received a solid foundation to continue my journey."

Triin Sigus
Triin SigusStructural Engineer
Kavern OÜ

"I realized that I had made some things more complicated in Tekla and spent too much time doing them. Many things can be set up in advance."

Nikolai Pribylski
Nikolai PribylskiStructural Engineer
Moodul Projekt OÜ

"I liked the opportunity to ask questions about the training and also from off-topic. I learned some new tips that will definitely come handy in the future."

Helene Abel
Helene AbelStructural Engineer
Metropoli Projekt OÜ

"Repeat the basics and refresh memory with forgotten techniques. We tend to get stuck in our habits, which may not always guarantee maximum efficiency."

Olavi Paavo
Olavi PaavoStructural Engineer
J&O Projekt OÜ

"It is a very professional and necessary training for me to solve many troublesome or time-consuming problems for the future. In a situation where there is a lot of work and manpower is hard to find, efficiency is paramount."

Taavo Allik
Taavo AllikStructural Engineer
Merko Ehitus AS

"Very nice training. Lots of new information about Organizer and exciting advanced tricks for making GA drawings. Very funny and nice trainer."

Rasmus Paulus
Rasmus PaulusStructural Engineer
Inseneriprojekt OÜ

"With each training you will like Tekla more, because the training will make things clear which will help you get on with your job better."

Karel Ellermaa
Karel EllermaaStructural Engineer
Constructo OÜ

"I really liked the training and I hope they will be organized more in the future, because so far there has not been much training in Estonia. I recommend TSGuide OÜ training to all companies, who are just starting out or are already working with Tekla because applying this knowledge will increase business productivity."

Aleksandr Ess
Aleksandr EssStructural Engineer
DMT insenerid OÜ

"Model Checker is good for reviewing work of new Tekla users and in general locating embed and rebar related problems. For example, when copying electrical tubes and outlets, they often are not automatically added to the correct assembly. With Model Checker you can locate most such problems with little effort."

Ever Haabmets
Ever HaabmetsStructural Engineer
Projekt O2 OÜ

"Model Checker worked very well, just as promised. It found overlapping reinforcement, embeds and reinforcement bars in incorrect cast units, and reinforcement with invalid geometry. I see that this program would be used daily for both precast- and cast in place concrete structures. This will help find errors that are difficult to detect and are time consuming to detect manually. Thank you very much for that!"

Tiit Bürkland
Tiit BürklandStructural Engineer
Ehitusekspertiisibüroo OÜ

"Sten played an essential part in my quest to rapidly learn and develop a systemic and efficient approach to Tekla Structures. His optimistic way of dealing with problems renaming them as interesting challenges is contagious. Everything I asked was done on time and many critical issues were solved before I even knew of their existence. As the saying goes: “A smart person learns from his mistakes, but a truly wise person learns from the mistakes of others.” It was a wise decision to have Sten as a consultant."

Eriks Vitols
Eriks VitolsCEO and BIM Consultant
BIM Solutions SIA

"Working with Sten I can say that he is by far the best choice to help you with Tekla Structures implementation. Not only he possesses technical capabilities obtained working in Finland, but also he has existential knowledge in soft skills that enables him to teach and implement Tekla Structures software and related processes into your company as smooth as it is possible."

Jonas Lalas
Jonas LalasCompany Manager

"TSGuide OÜ manager Sten Tuudak has consulted us on choosing the right tools for BIM project management system development. Extensive experience of Sten Tuudak in the field of BIM and ERP software development marks out TSGuide advice as valuable milestones to our company`s BIM management system development."

Aleksandra Lullu
Aleksandra LulluEstonia Area Manager
Trimble Solutions OY

"I know Sten for several years and he has always shown himself as a high-skilled professional and an honest person.  He can think “out-of-the-box” and new challenges are his passion. At the same time, you can be sure that the work you agreed will be done on time and the issues will be solved.

Sten is a business partner you can trust your business and your life."