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Trimble does a very good job to create Tekla Structures for everyone in the World and every area office does their best to localizes their environment according to the local area needs as much as they can. But every company is different and has to do at least some kind of localization at company level to get output (mainly reports and drawings) according to company style and needs. This is only the base and after this, it is strongly recommended to automize Tekla actions to get as much work done as possible automatically with just a moment-it`s much faster than human and prevents human errors. Tekla Structures is quite expensive software, but all the possibilities and automization can still make it a profitable investment. This is why many new Tekla using companies have difficulties to see the benefit and good return of the investment at the beginning, but the companies who put effort to localization and automatization, will see the licenses as a good investment and will invest more and more.
My question only is-if you want to spend time and learn yourself by going through different mistakes or use someone’s help, who has done it already many times and knows the way or even can give some valuable tips from experience that can save the trouble later or give extra value?



Current situation audit

We investigate your company situation and create an extensive audit with improvement recommendations. We use general information about your company work-flow and our thorough “Tekla Structures situation audit” template. Alternatively, you can get this audit template here for free and write out yourself what has been done already and what needs to be improved or be done more.

Tekla Structures

Get powerful Template Firm Environment package

By working with many different companies, we have created our standard Template Firm Environment package. Depending on your company needs and current system setup level, you can take the whole package or use only parts and modify it according to your needs. Using a good base can save you a lot of time and money.

Tekla Structures

Consultation to discuss about your company situation

After doing your company situation audit, we

  • discuss different improvement possibilities
  • set the priorities based on effect and time/cost
  • the development plan, if you need our help

Even if you do the first step by yourself, we try to use your audit as much as we can and give the best advice based on our experience. This first Skype call consultation is 100% free

Tekla Structures

Get familiar with the existing company situation

If we didn`t do your Tekla Structures system audit, then it`s time to get familiar with it to see what existing files we can use and what we have to modify or create. Usually, we ask and go over your existing Tekla firm folder, template model, and company style (e.g., example drawings and reports).

Tekla Structures

Build/improve your firm environment

Based on the priorities and development plan, we will improve and sharpen your Tekla Structure system. On the way, you will get access to always up-to-date progress files. Time to time, we will have live or online checkup meetings to give an overview of progress, ask feedback, and answer questions. It`s a process that we do together.

Tekla Structures

Implementation and handing over the project

Before you start a new project, we will give over all project files and help with the implementation to get everything running smoothly. Also, we provide documentation for our work. So, if someone in the company needs to continue the work in the future, it would be as easy as possible to understand and continue. If needed, we can give an advanced training about how to modify our work and continue.

Tekla Structures

Enjoy the efficiency and the ease of working with Tekla Structures

Now you can enjoy how efficient Tekla Structures really should be. We recommend listening time to time your engineers (if needed, organize hackathon/brainstorming events) to discover where they spend too much time on manual work or what kind of costly mistakes are coming more often to projects. It`s all about continues Tekla automatization and quality improvement.

Tekla Structures

Is it profitable / worth it?

Custom spendings for Tekla Structures

Number of Tekla Licenses (pcs)
Most of licenses type
Have Tekla Maintenance
{{tekla_maintenance_cost}} € / month
Average monthly spending on engineer salary
{{engineer_salary}} €

Investment for improvement

Company Environment Template package (3000 €)
{{template_package}} €
Template package customization time (60 €/hour)
{{customization_time_cost}} €
Expected productivity improvement (%)


You have already spent on Tekla licenses
Your current month expenses are ~
{{total_monthly_cost}} € / month
One time investment for improvement
{{one_time_investment}} €it is {{one_time_investment_percent}}% of your licenses cost
Potential monthly earning on productivity increase
{{potential_monthly_earning}} € / monthit is {{potential_earning_percent}}% of your monthly expenses
Earn investments back (in months)
{{investment_back_months}} monthsand after it's all profit

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  • Experience with Tekla Structures software since 2008
  • Trimble Solutions is our official partner
  • We use only legal licenses.
  • Done 1600+ h implementation help
  • Helped to build 10+ company environments
  • We have helped small companies and also big companies (with ~17mil turnover).
  • 87% of new customers/friends come by recommendations
  • We provide documentation with explanation for our work so that everything would be clear, transparent, and you would not become dependent on us.
  • 1 official Tekla Environment for Trimble Solutions
  • We charge monthly, based on-time report.
  • Set maximum working hours to prevent unpleasant surprises
  • For previous month we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • But nobody has asked money back
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